Rewarding Producers for Regenerative Ag

Using the Eco-Harvest Producer Portal

The Producer Portal is the access point to enroll in Eco-Harvest. Through the portal, producers can set up an account, enter into an agreement for generation and sale of assets, and safely and securely enter the required information. To get started, register here to set up an account.


Focusing first and foremost on producers, Eco-Harvest is designed to encourage regenerative agricultural production systems that create sound social, economic, and environmental outcomes to benefit producers, local communities, consumers, and society.

Participating producers have autonomy to decide which practice changes are best suited to their operation based on a menu of specific practices/systems. Producers pay no fees and do not have to purchase subscriptions or inputs to participate in Eco-Harvest. The measured outcomes of their practices, turned into credits, are sold to corporate buyers in the agricultural supply chain. Buyers can deliver on their corporate reporting and finance is funneled to producers.

The program recognizes and rewards the invaluable public benefits of producers’ environmental stewardship on private land.

For more information on our work, visit the ESMC Website.

An Industry-Wide Effort to Leverage Voluntary Improvements

ESMC is a collaboration of over 70 members from across the entire agricultural supply chain and value chain working together to ensure that the program scales successfully to meet farmer and rancher needs as well as corporate, NGO, consumer and societal needs. See all our members on our website
ESMC Membership).

ESMC’s research arm, the Ecosystem Services Market Research Consortium – or ESMRC — is working collaboratively to invest in identified research, development, demonstration, and economic gaps to overcome past and current market-based challenges.

Visit the ESMC Website for more details.

Current Projects

ESMC is conducting both market-scale projects and research pilot projects through our program.  Working with our extensive network of partners and collaborators, we continue to test and refine our integrated ecosystem services credit protocol and other new technologies. We quantify environmental credits generated by participating producers and arrange the sale of those credits through our market program.

Currently, Eco-Harvest is only launching market-scale projects within specific regions and production systems where program buildout has been completed as highlighted in the map below.

For more information on our current pilot projects, please visit our interactive website map (Pilot Projects).


ESMC’s program currently has the following eligibility requirements for producers interested in enrolling in an Eco-Harvest project. If you are interested in participating and have eligibility questions, please contact our staff.

Producers interested in Eco-Harvest enrollment need to be:

  • Producers who are interested in adopting soil health systems and new conservation practices that benefit their agricultural operations while improving environmental impacts.
  • Producers interested in implementing improvements that exceed minimum standards set by law.
  • Producers who can provide proof of land use rights, including explicit authorization from the responsible agency for any rented fields on state or local-government owned land.
  • Producers managing land that is not federally owned, has not been deforested or previously in natural areas in the past 10 years, and has not been converted from grassland to cropland in the past 10 years.
  • Producers with fields that are not enrolled in another ecosystem service program that generates credits, offsets, or claims related to soil carbon sequestration and/or changes in GHGs.
  • Producers operating within specific ESMC Protocol regions & production systems. Current Eco-Harvest program regions include the Midwest Corn and Soy Belt, Northern Great Plains, Southern Great Plains, and Great Lakes regions for corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa, and oats cropping systems.
  • Producers who are newly implementing at least one of the following practice changes on cropland: cover cropping, tillage reduction, and nutrient management.
  • Producers are encouraged to enroll fields that are also eligible for federal, state, and local cost-share programs that incentivize conservation practice implementation. Check with your local NRCS office to see if there are incentives available in your area that can provide up-front financing to lower costs and increase returns.
* For Producers operating on newly acquired land who are not aware of prior land practices, remote sensing can be used to ensure cover crops or reduced tillage have not been used in the past 10 years.

Eco-Harvest Enrollment 

  • There are no minimum or maximum acreage enrollment limits. Producers are not required to enroll all their acreage either at sign-up or at any time.
  • Producers can phase in more acres and/or practices over time as they see fit.
  • Producers are not required to relinquish data ownership or purchase new inputs, subscriptions, etc.
  • Producers pay no fees and do not have to purchase inputs to participate in Eco-Harvest.
  • Producers enroll in 5-year contracts with Eco-Harvest. With 2022 launch, producers enroll for the 2023 reporting year.


  • In the 2022 pilot year, contracts are annual with no penalty for dropping out of the program.
  • Producers will have an option to roll into a 5-year contract at market launch in 2022.
  • The ESMC Market Program will launch in 2022 for the 2023 Reporting year.

Producer Participation

The Eco-Harvest Producer Enrollment Process Producer Enrollment Process

After producers join a project, they then implement practice changes (highlighted in the eligibility section above). The following is the program enrollment process through the Producer Portal.

1. Producer Enrollment

Requires completion of the account creation process – producers provide contact information, review and agree to ESMC’s Privacy Policy, and select a Project in which they will participate.

3. Program Submission

The producer formally submits fields with the associated practice changes identified and signs the Producer Agreement.

5. Data Entry

Agricultural management practices can be entered by the Producer and/or Advisor and/or imported from other 3rd party data collection systems. The data is formally submitted for asset quantification and generation. This includes self-certification of data entered and signing of the Producer Agreement. Submission must be completed by December 31st (following the end of the crediting year).

2. Field Selection

Completed through ESMC’s easy-to-use interface which initiates stratification for developing a soil sampling plan. This step also allows a Producer to assign optional data access and editing permission to an Advisor who can assist a Producer with data entry.

4. Soil Sampling

Fields will be stratified, and a soil sampling plan generated. ESMC will coordinate the scheduling of soil sampling with contractors, project partners and producers. Soil samples will be sent to a contracted laboratory to be analyzed for soil carbon, bulk density, pH and phosphorus.

About Your Data

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