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Release Notes, August 29, 2023


This release features a new table that will allow for better management of records. Once the producer has submitted their data, the MRV will need a way to track the QA/QC and then how it moves from modeling into verification stages. This table is set up to be by field/year to allow cases where a field moves in and out of a particular classification group. In future releases/work this table will began to be utilized to provide an automated way of managing producer/fields. Another item included in this release is improved logic when dealing with the creation of a field’s baseline. Multiple changes were made to allow more fields to be successfully modeled. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • A new table has been added in the MRV’s database. The MRV will be able to track a field’s status as it moves through the various stages of QA/QC, sending, and certifying. In future work, this table will be used to provide automated features such as submitting fields for modeling and verification.

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.
  • The Fields and Practice Changes Review & Final Review and Submission modules require the user to save before the comments and markings are saved in the database. If the reviewer leaves the review before saving their progress, it will not be saved and the reviewer will need to start over.

Fixed Issues

  • The logic for the MRV’s baseline logic was updated to resolve multiple errors when submitting data to the DNDC (DeNitrification DeComposition) model. The following updates were done to improve the baseline creation logic:
    • Ensuring the adjusted baseline dates fall within a practice change year.
    • Handling cases when multiple crops are harvested on the same date.
    • Updating the emissions factor for pesticide applications.
    • Resolving the bug related to aerial application of pesticides.
    • Resolving the bug for selecting the correct emissions factor for the fertilizer’s application method.
    • Update the process when the cover crops are not aerially seeded.
    • Updated emissions factor for potato planting events.
    • Updated logic when dealing with harvest events marked as “cutting/baling”.
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