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How do I invite an advisor/delegate?


I have an ESMC account but would like to have someone else help manage my account. How do I add an advisor or delegate to my account? What are the differences between an advisor and delegate roles? 


Producers can invite other users outside of ESMC to help manage their producer account. When a producer invites another user, an ESMC account will be created. If the invited user already has an ESMC account, then producer is added to their list of managed users when the invitation is accepted. The producer will have two options when they invite another user. The first option will send the invitation as an advisor type role. This role will be able to view and edit the producer’s data and is the default invitation. If the producer wishes to mark the invited user as a delegate, that option is done via a checkbox on the invitation page. Both advisors and delegates can view & edit a producer’s account. In addition to the view & edit capability, the delegate can submit and sign producer agreements on behalf of the producer.

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