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What does MRV stand for?

Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) is an industry acronym describing the steps to quantify ecosystem services to be able to sell the benefits as credits. ESMC’s Eco-Harvest streamlines the MRV process for buyers and sellers.

Measurement describes the information supplied and self-certified by the producer. This includes information related to crop and livestock management (e.g., crop rotation; fertilizer use; the number of days the herd grazed in a particular field; crop yield) as well as ongoing program eligibility (e.g., whether producers continue to implement conservation practices as planned, and whether the land has changed ownership over the previous year).

Reporting involves compiling the management and project eligibility information for use in both quantifying ecosystem services generated and checking the data for accuracy prior to verification.
Verification involves confirming that the information is complete and accurately represents what happened on the ground so credits can be generated, certified, and sold.

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