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How do I invite a producer?

How do I invite a producer?


I would like to invite a producer to my project. How do I create and or invite a producer?


Producers can be added to a project one of two ways. Producers can be added individually or as part of a group. For both options, the following items are required to create an account. 

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name

The following items are able to be included but are optional:

  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Phone
     When inviting a producer, there is an option for sending out the invite (red circle). This will generate an invitation email and send it out to the producer. If the producer’s account needs to be prepopulated before the producer is invited, this option should be deselected. Producers that have accounts created but were not sent an invite, can be sent an invitation at any time. When the producer’s invitation is finally sent out, it is important to note the producer will have a 2-week window to accept the invitation. If the invitation is not accepted within that time frame, the invitation will need to be “resent”. Resending the producer invitation will create a new 2-week window. 
     When adding a producer, users will also see an enrollment option (blue circle). This will set the producer’s initial enrollment date. The available options for this will be based on the project’s parameters. If the producer is accidently given the wrong enrollment, this can be adjusted via a separate MRV feature. Once a producer has been created, this initial enrollment will be the first year the producer sees when logging into their account. 
     If the producers are being uploaded via a CSV, the correct template should be used. The MRV’s producer template can be found by clicking the “Download Template” option (yellow circle). This will show an example of the data, that needs to be provided.
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