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How do I utilize the crop module’s copy & paste feature?


I don’t want to input the same data for multiple fields/years. Is there a way to copy and paste data? 


Yes, the crop module has a copy and paste feature. It is important to note that the copy and paste feature only will work when attempting to paste the copied data in the same type of area. The copy and paste feature does not include all components and will need to be done in sections. This means the copy and paste feature will only work when copying Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest into other Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest areas. The fertilizer section functions the same and you can only copy and paste to other fertilizer areas. Certain date points like dates are not copied over and will require correction before the section can be marked as completed.

In the above image, data has been provided for a single field and single year. To copy this data to other years, click the circled page icon in the upper right corner. You will see the area being copied outlined with a blue dashed line. The events that you are copying are shown in the lower left circled box. To paste the records, you will click on one of the circled “PASTE RECORDS” button. If you wish to copy data from one field to another and not just between years, copy the records needed and then select the field where the paste is needed. It is important to note the copy and paste feature does not add data. If there was any existing data for any of those years, the “PASTE RECORDS” button will bring a warning message that existing records will be replaced with the records in the clipboard. To close the copy feature, click the X button in the clipboards upper right corner.

After pasting records, users will provide the needed dates and rates. Users can also add to the section by utilizing the MRV’s duplicate and add event features. It is important to note that only some events are allowed to happen multiple times during a season. The MRV will not show the ability to add or duplicate these type of operational events. 

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