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Release Notes February 2021

Version 0.001


Availability of the API – An API to collect/import crop data from other platforms by Green House Gas, Water Quality, and Water Quantity scope has been deployed.

Grazing Intake Form – A Grazing Intake Module that expands our collection of data to include ranching as well as farming has been deployed.

User Interface Updates – We have released our first incremental transition to a new and improved user experience that will continue to evolve rapidly over the coming months.

Knowledge Base – A new Knowledge Base, incorporated into the ESMC Portal will support regular, ongoing updates and announcements.

New Features and Enhancements

Enhancements to Portal

Start Page – A Producers landing page that provides information about the program in which the producer is enrolled, gives instructions on how to proceed through the data entry and submission process, and collects general information about their farm/ranch and historical farming/ranching practices has been added.

Fields & Crops Page – A new section that asks questions related to “Historical Practices” and “What’s New” was added.

Grazing Page – A new section that collects information about herds, rotation schedules, and feeding information was added.

Submit Page – A new page that enables the producer to submit their end-of-year data to ESMC and agree to the Terms and Conditions Agreements was added.

Improvements to User Interface – Will continue to evolve.

First Release of the Intake API

Intake of Fields & Crops Data (except “Historical Practices” and “What’s New”) – The intake API as defined by has been deployed.

Coming Soon

Update Notifications (Opt-in)

Blog to share information/resources

Validation of baling weight based on dimensions

Validation of data before submission

Enhancements to the API – data for the “Historical Practices” and “What’s New” sections of the Fields & Crops Page, and the Start Page and Grazing Page

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