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Release Notes April 2021

Version 0.003


Added a Producer Circle Project – The registration page now has a “Producer Circle” project. It is set to all Scope 3 Assets. Stacy is the project manager and approver.

Added Crop Types – It is now easy to add new crop types. In addition, Alfalfa, Almonds, Cotton, Corn Silage, Oats, and Sorghum crop types were added.

Removed Case Sensitivity When Inviting a User and Then Switching – Mixed cases in the email should not be a problem for Switch User permissions.

Hot Fixes

  • We hid the irrigation table until the user chooses what type of irrigation details to provide (actual dates, date ranges, or annual total).
  • We removed a default of 100 for the annual irrigation depth.

Known Issues

  • The Invite User feature does not work if the invitee does not have an account.

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