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Release Notes March 2021

Version 0.002


Improvements to the API – Several adjustments were made to the API to reduce the data required, change the manner in which the override flag works, and prevent accidental overwriting of data.

Added an “Approver” Role for each Project – The capability to set individual approvers for each project was added. The project approvers are currently set to be the same as the project manager, but they can be changed at any time.  It should also be noted that Administrators can log into the admin portal and approve or decline users using the new status dropdown – whether or not they received an email.  Furthermore, a new status has been added to make it easy to filter users that are “Waiting for Approval.”

Added Unique IDs for Users and Fields by Project – Producers and Fields are assigned user friendly IDs (e.g., ICG-Producer-3, TNCMN-Field-5) in addition to the Universal Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) used by the backend code.

Added Pre-Approve Option – Added the ability to add pre-approved producers to the portal to reduce the wait time between registration and approval and to allow data to be uploaded to their accounts before registration.  When a pre-approved producer registers with the same email, their account will be linked to the data that has been entered for them.

Added Scripts – A set of scripts have been created to identify missing producer data.

Known Issues

  • The API validator does not check for duplicate names, which, if they exist, will cause the upload to fail. To fix, remove the duplicate name and submit again with the override_flag set to “True.”

Coming Soon

  • Ability for Users to invite an Advisor to assist during the registration process

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