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Release Notes, August 19, 2021


MRV v2 initial release – This is the first release of a completing new interface and user experience for the MRV platform. Please note that this is an early development version and that the portal is not yet fully featured. This release provides the following features.

  • Registration as a Producer or Advisor
  • The capability to add fields in bulk using a standard geo-spatial file format such as KML, Shapefile, or GeoJSON
  • The capability to select field boundaries
  • The capability to draw field boundaries
Enhanced field boundaries features – Field boundaries support multiple, discontiguous boundaries with cutouts
Advisors – Producers can invite an Advisor to help them enter data into their account
Practice change – Practice changes can be assigned to fields, individually or collectively


Known Issues

  • Selecting certain adjacent CLU’s can throw an error due to the shapes overlapping. Selecting one CLU and then editing and adding the adjacent CLU desired can be a work around.
  • Smaller window displays can cause a distorted view when using the application.
  • Removing selected fields can still show when in edit mode. Note- By not adding additional fields after you removed your selection while in edit and saving the change will remove the selection for good.
  • Advisor timestamp only shows when their invite was sent and when it was accepted. It does not show when the last edit from the advisor was made.
  • CLU areas are not re-selectable when you select an area and then cancel. Moving the map or toggling the selection mode will allow the CLU boundaries to reappear and become selectable.
  • Field Practice Change is not able to be deselected by icon clicking. Users will need utilize the dropdown bar to make their practice selections.
  • Drawing or modifying fields and canceling those selections will still show the modified shape. Shapes will revert when map is moved or selection mode is toggled.
  • The state field in the registration page is case sensitive.
  • State abbreviations are not accepted during the registration process.
  • Uploading fields have issues with names concatenated with numbers unless it is a .KML file. Uploading the same file will append a ‘-1’ to the name but there is not a warning message asking for confirmation.
  • The browser view can become resized when zooming in and out of the map quickly.
  • Cutouts’ shading is not being displayed correctly.
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