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Release Notes, February 22, 2023


This release contains a couple of new features and multiple fixes. One of the new features admin and staff will notice is the ability to add soil samplers. This MRV role has been added and allows the sampler to be linked to multiple projects. This role is restricted to only being a “sampler” role and users cannot be assigned this role unless they have been already assigned as a soil sampler. In addition to the sampler role being added, the MRV will now have a soil data area. This area begins to connect the MRV to the soil stratification and sampling processes. Administrator and staff accounts will only see fields from producers that have signed a producer agreement. Another feature included in this release allows ESMC administrator/staff accounts to manage access to the MRV’s API documentation. Users with this feature marked as one will have access to the API documentation page.

 This release contained a change to the “Conversion of cropland to grassland” practice change. The “associated” areas from that practice change will no longer show in the Crops module. This is only temporary and will reappear once the behavior has been adjusted to meet the data collection needs. Another fix included in this release allows the use to input a value of zero for certain custom fertilizer data points. Users were previously unable to mark the values as zero and were forced to either leave it blank or mark it with a value of one. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The MRV has an additional role available. Administrator and staff are now able to add soil samplers to projects. These samplers can be linked to multiple projects but are restricted to having a single MRV role. These users will see a restricted view of the project pages and will have expanded features/abilities in later MRV releases.
  • The Project page has a soil page that starts the work to integrate the MRV with the soil stratification and soil sampling work. Only fields with a signed producer agreement will show in this table.
  • The ESMC administrator and staff accounts now have the ability to assign the MRV user access to the API documentation. Only these two roles are able manage the API documentation and will utilize the toggle option when clicking on the user’s overflow action button.

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • The Conversion of cropland to grassland practice change’s “associated areas” have been temporarily hidden from the Crops module. Future releases will update the needed behavior for these areas’ data collection needs. Any data that has been inputted for these areas remains in the database untouched.
  • The additional data points for the custom fertilizer events have been adjusted to allow the user to input zero values. This includes the “N-P-K”, “Carbon to Nitrogen ratio”, “Organic Nitrogen percentage”, “Ammonium percentage”, “Nitrate percentage”, “Urea percentage”, and “Ammonia percentage”. The other required fertilizer data points will continue to restrict the use of zeros.
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