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Release Notes, July 11, 2023


This release continues updates to the Final Review and Submission module. The MRV will now have a separate data point to capture the producer’s “actual” practice change. The MRV will capture the “planned” crop via the Fields and Practice Changes module. This can be adjusted by the reviewer until the Fields and Practice Changes module has been marked as approved. Once the producer provides their operational data, the “actual” practice change(s) can be determined. During the producer’s Final Review and Submission module, each field will have an additional manual check. The reviewer will utilize the same list as the producer and this list is linked to the project’s allowed practice changes.

Another change included in this release is an updated Fields and Practice Changes Review behavior. The MRV will no longer have an automatic check generated when the field is marked with the “Nutrient Management” practice change. This check will still be present on existing reviews and will show the comment if that was included. Newly generated reviews will ignore fields marked with the “Nutrient Management” practice change. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The Final Review and Submission module had an additional manual check added. The producer’s data will be reviewed and the reviewer will mark the producer’s actual practice change(s). If the producer does not qualify for any practice changes, the review will text to explain the reasoning. The list of practice changes behaves the same as when the selecting practice changes in the Field and Practice Change module. This list is also based on the project’s settings.
  • Both the Fields and Practice Changes Review and Final Review and Submission modules have updated behavior. The reviews will no longer require text when the response is marked as a “Pass”. The review will allow the user to input optional text when this selection is made. Both reviews will continue to require additional text when the check is marked “Passed with Changes” or “Fail”.

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.
  • The Fields and Practice Changes Review & Final Review and Submission modules require the user to save before the comments and markings are saved in the database. If the reviewer leaves the review before saving their progress, it will not be saved and the reviewer will need to start over.

Fixed Issues

  • The MRV’s Fields and Practice Changes Review module will no longer automatically trigger a manual QA/QC check when the producer’s field is marked with the Nutrient Management practice. This will continue to show on existing reviews but will no longer be part of the list of checks generated when the producer submits their module.
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