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Release Notes, December 3, 2021


This release includes updates to various existing crop module events and as well as introducing a new event. The cover crop event has been updated to have additional questions captured. The cropland grazing event has been added into this release and is found as an additional event in the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component of the crop module. The crop module’s date selection has been re-designed and no longer has issues and appears the same regardless of the browser being used. The other major update included in this release is the update to the Fertilizer component. This component no longer has issues when multiple fertilizer events are added into the same year for a field. The Fertilizer component’s “DONE” button will now be able to handle multiple fertilizer events and will not allow incomplete records to be marked as done.

Added Features

  • The cover crop event has been updated to include the required termination date, aerial seeding method, “Other” option requiring text, and an optional seeding rate. The event’s validation happens once the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component’s “DONE” button is clicked. Current validation is requiring the cover crop termination date to be after the cover crop planting date. The cover crop event has additional validation that requires it to be prior to your first planting event.
  • Barley, Sugar beets, and Potatoes have been added to list of selectable crops. Alfalfa has been adjusted to be named Hay/Alfalfa.
  • Harvest event’s “I Didn’t do” option had “Fallow” added as a selectable reason for why the event did not take place that year. This allows the harvest event to correlate when the planting event was marked as being “Fallow”.
  • The grazing event has been added as an additional event in the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component. Multiple grazing events are allowed on the field during the year. Users will create their herd by inputting the count and avg weight of the animals. The animal unit value is automatically calculated for the user. If data is entered in the “Other” row, the species is required to be provided. The grazing event also requires the grazing start/end date along with the grazing rate to be provided.

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress.
  • The count of events seen next to each crop module component is not dynamic and does not follow your field/year view selection. The count is currently looking across all years for each field and is incorrect when you view the crop module with a single field/year selection.
  • Validation for fertilizer totals is a work in progress and users are currently able to input multiple fertilizer records with large N-P-K amounts without a flag showing. Additionally, there is additional validation planned to the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component. 
  • The “DONE” button can appear selectable when you complete a record and then mark something as invalid. When you re-enter an invalid value, the input is kept to the last value and not set back to null.

Fixed Issues

  • Multiple fertilizer events can have data entered and display correctly. Previously when adding multiple fertilizer events, the display would sometimes show the incorrect options on UoM and additional questions. Users should now see the correct UoM for their fertilizer selection. Additionally, inputting data with multiple fertilizer events is now correctly saving the data for each fertilizer event.
  • The date selection has been redesigned. Users will no longer have issues with selecting a preselected date and the date selection behaves the same regardless of the browser being used. The calendar is still from the previous year October to the current year December 31st.
  • Drainage depth has been increased to allow up to 72 inches. This is still marked as an optional data input under the Irrigation and Drainage component.
  • Density value is now required when the fertilizer selection is “Other Non-manure Liquid” and the section can’t be marked as done.
  • Text is now required when the tillage selection is marked as “Other”. This will allow the modelers and reviews a better understanding of the tillage choice. 
  • Copy and paste feature has been updated to make sure the paste bin shows the correct name and events. The copy and paste feature is only available for the Fertilizer and Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest crop module components. The Irrigation and Drainage component does not have a copy and paste feature. 
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