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Release Notes, November 29, 2021


This release includes the remaining crop module components. Both the Fertilizer and Irrigation & Drainage components are part of this release. Producers can now enter in all of their crop data except cropland grazing data, which is planned to be introduced as an additional event. The crop module components are all independent and producers can work each section and mark them as done as data is inputted into the crop module. The fertilization component includes a copy & paste feature that will allow producers to quickly enter in data across various field/years. This feature is handled just like the copy & paste used in the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component. In addition to the added crop module components, the release also features a change to the conservation practice. The current conservation practice has been split into two conservation practice options. Both the “Conversion of cropland to grassland” and “Conservation crop rotation” practice are present in the registration page and the fields and practice module.

Added Features

  • Fertilizer component has been added to capture the producer’s fertilizer data for the enrollment year as well as historical data. The component can be marked as completed separately from the other crop module components. Producers are required to provide if any fertilization was done. If there was any fertilizer activity, additional information is requested.
  • Irrigation and Drainage component has been added to the crop module as well. This component is independent of the other module and requires the producer to provide a response on the use of irrigation and drainage. There are no additional questions when irrigation is used and ESMC will follow up with individuals that do utilize irrigation. For drainage, the response is required but the additional questions of average depth and percentage of field covered are optional.
  • The Conservation practice has now been split into two separate practice changes. The first is the “Conservation of cropland to grassland”. The second conservation practice is now “Conservation crop rotation”. These practices are now present as selectable options on the registration page and are selectable during the Fields & practice change module as well.

Known Issues

  • Percentage calculation is not correct and is currently a work in progress.
  • Cropland grazing is not present yet in the application. This feature is planned to be an additional event within the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component. 
  • Cover cropping event does not include the termination date, seeding rate, or if the mixture was ariel seeded. 
  • The count of events is seen next to the crop module component title. This count is not accurate and counts across the whole producer account instead of the year/field selection.
  • Validation for fertilizer totals is a work in progress and users are currently able to input multiple fertilizer records with large N-P-K amounts without a flag showing. There is additional validation planned to the Tillage, Cover crop, Planting, and Harvest component. 
  • The date selection can cause issues at time if the selection is one of the calendar’s preselected options. A work around until the calendar selection is replace is to select a neighboring date and then redo the selection to the original desired date.
  • Multiple fertilizer events can have issues storing a data input to the fertilization event when both events are null. Inputting a value can appear saved in the other fertilizer event. This is not an issue if you fill out a single fertilizer event fully and then duplicate or add an additional one. 

Fixed Issues

  •  Cover cropping options has been adjusted. The previous option of “Clover, Vetch, and other Legumes” has been split out as well as additional options being added.
  • Numerical inputs have been corrected throughout the crop module. Users re-entering numerical amounts are no longer starting with a 0, which was causing incorrect numbers to be inputted.
  • Importing fields via file uploading has been fixed. Users who upload a file with the filename containing multiple periods (filename.fields.shp) will no longer receive an error message.  
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