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Release Notes, April 21, 2022


This release features changes that allow the MRV platform to be used on a continuous basis going forward. Projects now have enrollment parameters that allow producers to see additional years when they become available. There is a planned future feature that will introduce the ability for Administrator/Staff to set the project’s enrollment completely through the application’s interface.

When Producers are created now, the Administrator/Staff will need to provide the initial enrollment year. This is used to show the available enrollment years to the producer. If a producer attempts to change to a future enrollment year when their current year is blank, they will be asked if they would like to change their enrollment year. When a producer moves between multiple years, the fields & practice changes will be carried over and be included on all intervening years, assuming they are empty as well. When a producer attempts to submits an enrollment when they have unsubmitted previous enrollment(s), they will be warned that the earlier enrollments will have the ability to add fields removed. For this scenario, Producers are still allowed to submit and change the practices for the fields they already have on their account. A full list of items included in the release, has been included below.

Added Features

  • The MRV has been adjusted to have hardcoded enrollment year parameters removed. MRV will now support continuous enrollment and registration. This change created multiple changes to the user interface. Administrator and Staff accounts will now see an option to add an enrollment year when creating producer accounts. This value will be used to show the available enrollment years the producer will be able to select. Producers moving between multiple years will have their latest fields & practice changes applied to the future and all intervening years. Producers that submit future enrollments before their previous enrollment, will see their ability to add fields removed.
  • The commodities option list has been expanded to include Canola. Users creating a planting or harvest event can now select this option as their crop type. The platform has this commodity marked with a unit of measurement of pounds/acre. The application has the hard minimum value set at 500 and the hard maximum set at 5,000. The soft limits are 2,000 and 3,600 respectively.

Known Issues

  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Leaving administrator seen pages and returning will not always remain on the same page with the same filter that was being applied to the page results. If an administrator or staff member views a project and selects the enrollment year to be 2021 and views a producer, they return to the project page in year 2022.
  • The Crops module had an adjustment made to the completion percentage calculation. While this improves the calculation, it does not factor in the use of “Incomplete” The Crops module has a planned update that will remove this button as an option. The updated will also include a revamped percentage calculation method.

Fixed Issues

  • The map button for adding and editing fields has been adjusted to become center aligned.
  • Producers now have their last year set at time of creation. When a producer is created in the MRV platform, the project’s contract length is used to set the producer’s last year.
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