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Release Notes, April 8, 2022


This release features the additional practice changes that have been introduced into MRV. Users will now be able to select “Edge of Field”, “Irrigation Management”, and “Whole Orchard Recycling” as practices for their field(s). Currently, these new practices are only defined while viewing the registration page. There will be further improvement to include descriptions for all practices within the Fields and Practice Changes module. This release also fixed a bug for selecting and applying practice changes. Users will now have their list of practice changes refresh when they change field selections. This was previously showing the incorrect practice change selections if the user added practice changes and moved fields before committing the change. A full list of items included in the release, has been included below.

Added Features

  • The MRV has been updated to accommodate additional practice changes. Users at the registration page and the Fields and Practice Changes module will see additional options to choose. The practice changes of “Whole Orchard Recycling”, “Irrigation Management”, and “Edge of Field” have been added.

Known Issues

  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Leaving administrator seen pages and returning will not always remain on the same page with the same filter that was being applied to the page results. If an administrator or staff member views a project and selects the enrollment year to be 2021 and views a producer, they return to the project page in year 2022.
  • The Crops module had an adjustment made to the completion percentage calculation. While this improves the calculation, it is based on the minimum response able to be given and the existing data. This adjustment does not factor in the use of “Incomplete” When the user utilizes the option of “Incomplete”, the progress percentage will not change to “Completed”.

Fixed Issues

  • The Fields and Practice Changes has been updated for an issue found in the practice change dropdown. Users will no longer see their previous practice change selections appear when selecting another field. If the user selects a change for a field and then changes the field selection without committing the change, the practice change selection will refresh and show the selection(s) for the currently selected field.
  • The map button for adding and editing fields has been updated to be dynamic based on what mode you are in. If you are in edit mode, you will now see the button as “Finished Editing”
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