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Release Notes, August 9, 2022


This release includes additional commodity options. While the new options have been added into the MRV, users will not be able to select these options until they have been added in the project’s “crop module settings”. In addition to the new commodity options, the yield amounts for both existing and new commodity options have been updated/added. The Crop module’s harvest event will now utilize the MRV’s minimum/maximum to ensure users do not input an unrealistic yield. The MRV’s expanded options also include changes to cover crops. Additional cover crop options have been added into the MRV and will become available to producers depending on the project’s settings. Another change included in this release is for the producer agreements. Both the Cotton and Sorghum projects have been updated to utilize a custom producer agreement.

One of the main issues fixed in this release was due to a change in the way Google handled GeoCommunity values. Due to this change, the MRV’s fields were not showing up within the map feature unless the field was in edit mode. The code has been fixed and all existing fields will re-appear on the map. The other map issue fixed by this release dealt with the uploaded fields feature. Previously the use of this upload feature would result in a need to refresh the browser page. Now, users will see the field boundaries automatically with a successful upload. Users will no longer need to do a page refresh to see their boundaries. A full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The Sorghum and Cotton-Texas projects have been updated to include a custom producer agreement. Producers in both projects will no longer use the default MRV producer agreement and will utilize their own custom agreements.
  • The MRV has been updated to include a wider list of planting/harvest commodities. Additional commodities have been added and projects can be set to either include or exclude these options through the use of the “crop module settings” tab.
  • The cover crop options within the MRV have been expanded to include additional selections based on producer input. These new options will be available to producers once the project’s settings have been updated. This adjustment is done by adding the desired options and saving within the project’s “crop module settings” tab. 

Known Issues

  • The aggregation on project’s acreage and field count is incorrect once the project has multiple pages for the producer list.
  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission module. The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Uploading a csv of producers will fail if one or more of the producers already has an existing MRV account.

Fixed Issues

  • Uploading fields will no longer require a page refresh to show the field boundaries on the map. Users that utilize the MRV’s upload ability will have their fields uploaded and the boundaries will automatically show on the map.
  • The alignment on the Crop module’s harvest event has been fixed. The event’s option button has been fixed when the selection is changed to a commodity type of “Other”.
  • The issue of existing field boundaries missing on the MRV map has been fixed. The change with Google’s handling of the GeoCommunity resulted in all fields being invisible on the map unless the field was in edit mode. The MRV’s code has been changed to resolve this issue and users will see their field boundaries overlaid on the map.
  • The yield amounts have been corrected on all available MRV harvest options. Users that select a harvest will see the updated limits implemented into the Crop module. These limits now match the ESMC’s yield limits.
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