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Release Notes, July 29, 2022


This release includes additional questions to the Crops module. Producers with access to 2021 enrollments will see an additional questions when a grazing event is provided. Users will also be able to select “horse” and “pig” as part of their grazing herd input. This release also contains a new customizable project feature. Now, projects can be customized for commodity options during the Crops module data entry. This project feature is found on the project page as a tab call “Crop Module Settings”. Adjustment to this list will not affect existing data and additional work will be done to flag those non valid entries at the producer submission/review stage.

One of the main issues fixed in this release is the project enrollment range. This has been adjusted to be dynamic based on the project and will no longer show enrollment options outside of the selected project’s options. Another fix included in this release is for the sorting of fields. Users changing field names will now have those fields sort properly. The value used for sorting was found to not be updated when a field was renamed. A full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • MRV administrative accounts can now set custom commodity options for each project. This feature currently includes the ability to set the cover crop, grazing, and planting/harvest options a project’s producer will see.
  • The Crop module’s “grazing” event has been updated to include additional questions needed for modeling. Users will notice additional grazing related questions along with new livestock options (“horse” & “pig”) when they complete data entry.

Known Issues

  • The aggregation on project’s acreage and field count is incorrect once the project has multiple pages for the producer list.
  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission module. The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Uploading a csv of producers will fail if one or more of the producers already has an existing MRV account.

Fixed Issues

  • The bug showing the old project page layout for project administrator/staff accounts has been fixed. Users choosing to view the project’s admin/staff roles will now see the updated project page layout with the correct tab automatically selected/displayed.
  • The project’s enrollment selection range has been fixed to be dynamic based on the project. Administrative accounts will no longer see enrollment years unrelated to the project being selected. The max year shown is the project’s max year a producer has access to enroll in. The min value is based on the project’s producer list. The earliest producer enrollment on each project will set the min value on the enrollment dropdown.
  • The bug with field sorting has been resolved. When a field is renamed, the field’s value for name sorting is now being updated. This was previously renaming the same and would not always adjust the fields order in sorting.
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