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Release Notes, December 16, 2022


This release includes a couple of minor fixes before changes to the producer status/states and the start of the MRV’s QA/QC module begin to be released. While those changes are pending, this release will allow producers to mark a planting with a non-harvest year option. Producers that are planting a commodity that is not harvested the same year will utilize the harvest event’s “Non-harvest year” option from the reason list. Even with this option chosen, producers will still be required to provide their end of season date.

One of the fixes in this release will adjust the Crops module grazing event. To align with the ESMC concept of harvest to harvest, the grazing event will not be allowed after the season’s last harvest. This was previously allowed and users will now see a warning message when marking their “Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest” section as done. The MRV’s validation for checking producers’ fields for overlaps against other MRV producers has been updated. This was previously saying fields had passed when overlaps existing. Now, reviewers will see the error if the field has an overlap with another ESMC field, in that same year. This continues to be only a check seen during the review process and will not affect the producer from marking their Fields and Practice Changes module as done. The full list of release notes has been included below. 

Added Features

  • The Crops module non-harvest options have been updated. The MRV will now support the ability to mark the season and commodity as a non-harvest year. This will still request the user to provide their end-of-season date.

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • The Crops module validation has been updated to conform with the ESMC’s definition of a season. Each season starts after the previous season’s last harvest and goes until the current season’s last harvest. Users will no longer be able to mark their grazing dates after the season’s last harvest.
  • The QA/QC check for producers with overlaps between other ESMC producers has been fixed. This was previously showing fields as passed where there were known overlaps. The Fields and Practice Changes module review process will now have the correct results for this validation check. This review process is still not fully integrated into the MRV and not all users will have access to it at this time.
  • The “cover crop” event had its database structure updated. The MRV’s user interface will not show a change when using the non-winter termination option. While the UI remains the same, the database change will allow for future changes to the cover crop’s termination options.
  • The validation pop up dialog on the Fields and Practice Changes module done button has been fixed. Users will no longer see the list of errors as a numeric list. Users will now see the correct warning or error icons in place of a numerical list.
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