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Release Notes, November 28, 2022


This release includes multiple fixes and a couple of new MRV features. MRV’s fertilizer options have expanded. The Crops module’s will now offer a “Compost” option. This can be found under the list of organic options. In addition to the fertilizer’s application date and method, users will be required to provide the rate. Another change to the MRV was additional validation being added. The additional validation was added in the Fields and Practice Changes review process. Fields that are marked with the practice of “Normal Operation” will be automatically be flagged for additional manual review. The reviewers will access these fields/producers to see if they are compatible with the project’s goals. If the field does not have the “Normal Operation” practice change marked, it will show the check as completed under the “Passed” section.

This release contained multiple fixes. One of the main fixes included in this release resolves the issues of invited producers from completing their registration. Users that were previously invited, were unable to continue the final registration step even though the required information was provided and the ESMC terms and conditions were marked as completed. Invited producers are now able to submit their registration to finish the process. Another fix will resolve the issue of users receiving errors during data entry with non-Alfalfa perennial type crops. The MRV will now support producers utilizing the non-planting “Perennial” option with a custom crop. When the producer selects “Other” as the harvested crop, they will still need to provide the additional information required by the “Other” selection. Users will no longer see an error message when attempting to input this type of cropping operation.

The Field and Practices review page had additional updates done. The validation check for the producer’s fields being within ESMC protocol regions will now show under the “Passed” section. Producers are continued to be blocked from continuing when they provide field boundaries that are outside of ESMC protocol regions. Additionally, the validation check for the producer’s own overlap between their own fields has been added to the review page’s “Passed” section. This check is also a blocker for the producer continuing their Fields and Practice Changes module. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The MRV’s fertilizer options have been expanded to include “Compost’ under the organic fertilizer options.
  • Additional validation has been added to the Fields and Practice Changes review process. Fields that are marked with the “Normal Operation” practice change will automatically be flagged for additional manual review.   

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • The issue affecting invited producers from completing their final registration step has been fixed. Invited users are now able to finish the registration once they have provided valid profile information and accepted the ESMC’s terms and conditions.
  • The MRV’s Crops module has been updated to allow other commodity types with the planting event’s perennial option. If the perennial option is used in the planting event, the MRV will now allow the harvest to be the “Other” option.
  • The MRV’s automatic validation for the producer’s own overlaps has been added into the Fields and Practices review page. While this is a “blocker” type validation check and prevents the producer from submitting their data and continuing on, the review page will now show the check as one of the completed “Passed” items.
  • The MRV’s planned crop, found in the Fields and Practice Changes module, has been fixed to match the MRV’s allowed planting amounts. Users will now be restricted to three planned crops selections per each season.
  • The Fields and Practices review page has been updated to fix the totals in the “Manual” review section. The “Nutrient Management” practice change check, when triggered, is now part of the total issue count found in the review page. This was previously excluding the failed check from the review page totals. 
  • The Crops module has been updated with the removal of acreage as part of its validation. Since the producer’s field acreage is part of the Fields and Practices review, it is no longer needed in the Crops module.
  • The validation checking for the producer’s fields to be within the ESMC’s protocol area has been fixed to show as a passed check under the Fields and Practices review’s “Passed” section.
  • Multiple MRV warning messages have been updated with new text to better explain the issue/warning.
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