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Release Notes, December 27, 2022


This release introduces new producer status states into the MRV application. These new status states will allow the projects to better track and manage producers who have started and or are continuing their ESMC enrollment. The additional status markings will now allow for other parts of the MRV to be connected. Features such as the Fields and Practice Changes Review and the producer’s Final Review will now begin to be tied into the MRV’s interface in later releases. Another change included in this release is a redesigned project settings page. The new project settings page is role based and will show more options for users with higher levels of access. Project administrators and staff accounts will have access to settings needed to maintain a project such as the project’s current enrollment settings and acceptable crops/practice changes. The ESMC administrator and staff accounts will show additional overall project settings such as project name and archive settings. This redesigned project page additionally resolves the issue for ESMC administrative accounts attempting to create and set up a project. Previously, ESMC administrative accounts could create a project but the project’s settings could not be adjusted until either a producer and/or a project administrative user was added. This did not allow for projects to be fully set up before being managed by either project administrative users and/or project partners. Now, projects can be fully set up without any users tied to the project. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • Additional producer status states have been added into the MRV application. These additional status markings will show on the various administrative pages and provide better view of a producer’s progress. Producer accounts will now utilize the new status states as they work in the MRV application. The new states are Field Selection In-Progress, Fields Submitted, Fields Approved, Producer Agreement Completed, Crop Data Entry, Crop Data Submitted, Crop Data Approved, Submitted for Modeling, Impact Units Generated, Impact Units Sold, and Producer Payment Complete.
  • The MRV’s project “Project Settings” page/tab has been redesigned and is now role based. Users with higher permission settings will see overall project settings for items like a project’s name or active setting. Project administrator and staff accounts will see the same page but will not see the overall project settings. These lower level accounts will only have access to the settings needed to manage the project. 

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • Project settings are now assessable to ESMC administrator and staff accounts when the project is newly created. Entering a project no longer requires either producers or project administrators to be added first. The MRV’s project page will now have a view option that allows a project to be set up prior to handing over to a project partner.
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