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Release Notes, January 6, 2023


This release introduce the MRV’s planned Final Review and Submission module. This will be the final QA/QC process the producer will undergo before their data is sent to the DNDC for modeling. Producers will complete their Crops module and then will be able to submit their data for final review. This review process will run a series of checks and will request the reviewer to provide a “pass”, “fail”, or “pass with changes” marking. In addition to the overall pass or fail marking, the reviewer will provide additional text explaining the reasoning/resolution. At this time, the review page is static and the markings are unable to be captured. This dynamic integration of the Final Review and Submission and the earlier Fields and Practice Changes Review will be part of later releases. The MRV’s Fields and Practice Changes module had additional validation built. Producers are no longer able to mark their module as completed until their earlier modules have been submitted. This is due to the fact that the submission of the module starts the review process. The producer’s earlier enrollment/collection years will first need to be reviewed before later years are able to be submitted. This is done to ensure the later years have issues like field boundaries already fixed and or verified. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The MRV application has added validation during the submission of the producer’s Fields and Practice Changes module. This additional validation will prevent users from submitting the Fields and Practice Changes module until their previous year’s module has been submitted.
  • The MRV’s “Final Review and Submission” module has been added as a static page.This will start the MRV’s planned final QA/QC review process and later releases will enable users to access the page via UI functions. Until then, ESMC administrators and staff will be able preview this page and see what issues are present on a producer’s account. The final review page will only show the current checks and will not allow the administrator or staff to mark anything at this time. The following checks have been included in this release:
    • Basic practice change validation – Producers will have their marked practice change(s) and provided data compared and checked for issues
    • Exceeded soft limits – Producers will have their provided data checked for inputs that exceed the MRV’s soft limits
    • Non-planting or harvesting events – Producers will have their provided data flagged for further review when the field utilized a non-planting or harvest option
    • Non-DNDC items – Producers will have their provided data flagged when there is a data entry that is a non-DNDC option
    • Normal operation – Producers will have their provided data flagged for further review when the field utilizes the “Normal operation” marking
    • Final send to DNDC marking – Producers will have each of their fields marked with a final send or don’t sent to the DNDC marking
    • Field missing soil data – Producers will have their field flagged if the field is missing soil data
  • The MRV had additional roles added into the database. The additional roles are currently unable to be created via the user interface but will be part of later work. The MRV’s database role structure now contains a “Project Specialist”, “Certifier”, and “Soil Sampler” role.

Known Issues

  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.
  • The MRV’s validation for practice changes has known issues and is currently being improved to provide better checking capability. Checks for “Cover cropping”, “Tillage reduction”, “Nutrient management”, “Cropland grazing”, and “Drainage water treatment” are known to have issues.

Fixed Issues

  • The save button on the project’s “Crop Module Settings” page has been updated to have a similar behavior as the button on the “Practice Settings” page. Users will now see the button activated only when a change has been made. The button will not show as click-able if no change was made on the page.
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