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Release Notes, December 28, 2021


This release features a change to the process a user takes when navigation the mrv2 platform. Users will now be able to enter the Crops module prior to the completion of the Fields and Practice Changes and Producer Agreement modules. This will allow producer accounts to be prepopulated with data in the Crops module. Until the Producer Agreement module is completed, users will be able to delete fields. Fields with existing data in the Crops module will show a different warning when a deletion is attempted. It is important to note if a field is deleted, the Crops module data will need to be re-entered if that field is needed to be re-added. This release also includes various fixes to the Crops module and mrv2’s application messages based on initial producer data input feedback.

Added Features

  • The crop module can now be entered prior to the Fields and Practice Changes and Producer Agreement This will allow producers to have their data entered prior to their login, review, and submission. This will mean that users will need to create fields in the Fields and Practice Changes module prior to using the Crops module. If this is not done, the crops module will not show any fields and the data is unable to be captured. Users that mark fields with the “No Change” practice will continue to not see those fields in either their Producer Agreement or Crops module.
  • The Crops module will now support a crop type of “Other”. When this crop selection is chosen in either the planting or harvest events, additional text is required. The same validation used on other crop selections is done and users will need to ensure their planting and harvest selections correlate correctly.

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress.
  • The count of events, seen next to each crop module component, is not dynamic and does not follow your field/year view selection. The count is currently looking across all years for each field and is incorrect when you view the crop module via a single field/year selection.
  • The DONE button can appear selectable when you complete a record and then mark something as invalid. When you re-enter an invalid value, the input is kept to the last value and not set back to null.
  • Both the Fertilizer and Irrigation & Drainage events will throw and error if the user selects the event as not being done during the enrollment year. This is due to the validation needed in the Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest section that prevents users from entering their enrollment year as being empty with no events being done.
  • Registration submission and profile changes are both affected when a user selects a state with space in the name.

Fixed Issues

  • Since both modules are open at the same time now, fields that have data present in the Crops module will be able to be deleted in the Fields and Practice Changes This is allowed until the producer or their delegate signs and submits the Producer Agreement. Fields and their practices are locked once that module has been completed.
  • The cover crop selection of “Other Legumes” has now been removed. If users have a legume type, they will use the “Other” option and provide that specific legume.
  • The registration process has been updated to allow the state field to be case insensitive. This allows users with autofill to have different spellings of a particular state and prevents the submission from receiving an error message.
  • The copy and paste feature in the Fertilizer section has been updated. Users will no longer have data inputs jump between records when multiple fertilizer events are pasted into another area.
  • Project icons shown to ESMC admin and staff have now been removed from the admin portal.
  • Various warning dialogs and email templates had text updates.
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