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Release Notes, February 11, 2022


This release continues to fix known issues throughout the MRV v2 application. One larger issue resolved in this release is a dynamic done button. This will make the data input easier and allow the user to know when they have provided the right amount of data and when they have made a mistake. The other major crop module fix was for the fertilizer section. Users removing out their top fertilizer event will no longer have their remaining fertilizer events change type. Another fix that was part of this release was handling self-registered users that followed their project approval email before they verified their email. These users were receiving login error message when attempting to utilize the login link. Now, these users will see a message about verifying their email address instead of an error message. This update includes adjustments to permissions on moving producers from a project. This has been restricted to ESMC administrator/staff accounts to avoid project administrator/staff accounts from seeing projects outside of their scope.

Added Features

  • None

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress. When the “Incomplete” button is used, the completion percentage still sees that area as not being complete.

Fixed Issues

  • The issue with changing fertilizer types after a delete was performed, has been fixed. Previously removing the top fertilizer event would change the fertilizer type selection for the fertilizers remaining below the deleted fertilizer event. This was fixed and the remaining events’ fertilizer types will remain unchanged when the top fertilizer is removed.
  • The issue with self-registered users seeing a “Something Failed” message has been corrected. Self-registered users are required to verify their email and secure an approval from the project administrator/staff before they can access their account. If they follow the approval email before they have verified their account, they will see a page asking them to verify their email instead of an error message.
  • The “DONE” button within the crop module has been adjusted. The button will no longer appear selectable when you complete a record and then mark something as invalid. When you re-enter an invalid value, the “DONE” button will become disabled. If you remove a data point, the value is not kept and the input box returns to a null state. When a required item is returned to a null state, the “Done” button will be dynamic and no longer be clickable until that data point is re-entered.
  • Field names displayed in the Field and Practice Changes module were previously being cut off when there was still available whitespace. Longer names will still be cut off once the field name passes 21 characters in length.
  • The registration page has been updated with a couple of changes. There is now a link pointing to a “Learn more about what qualifies” document. The text has been updated for Cropland grazing, Conversion of cropland to grassland, and Conservation crop rotation. The Conservation crop rotation image has been updated to be different than the Conversion of cropland to grassland image.
  • Project administrator/staff accounts are no longer shown the option to move producers from a project. This action is only available to ESMC administrator/staff accounts. This avoids having project administrator/staff accounts see other projects outside of their own project.
  • All producers can invite other users to be advisors or delegates on their account. On this permissions page, there was a banner informing users that ESMC would contact them about how the delegation process would work. This banner has been updated to provide the information on the differences between the two options producers have when inviting other users. The message no longer mentions that EMSC will contact their invitee.
  • The cover crop mixture’s total percentage has been fixed. The total percentage is now dynamic and calculates the total while you type instead of when you move away from the input window. The issue of reopening the cover crop mixture and seeing the percentage show as zero has been fixed as well.
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