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Release Notes, January 14, 2022


This release includes multiple fixes to known issues. One of the changes that users will notice is the count next to the Crops module sections. This is no longer a count of events for each event and now represents a count of incomplete records. When you add an event such as a tillage or fertilizer, the count will increase next to the section. When you complete the record’s required data points, the count will go done and will show the count of remaining incomplete records. This allows users to quickly find the sections and events that were added and still require information.

Added Features

  • None

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress. When the “Incomplete” button is used, the completion percentage still sees that area as not being complete.
  • The DONE button can appear selectable when you complete a record and then mark something as invalid. When you re-enter an invalid value, the input is kept to the last value and not set back to null.

Fixed Issues

  • The count of events, seen next to each crop module component, is not dynamic and does not follow your field/year view selection. The count is currently looking across all years for each field and is incorrect when you view the crop module via a single field/year selection. This count has been correct and will dynamically show the count of incomplete records.
  • The comment a producer or delegate leave for the reviewer couldn’t be deleted when the end-of-year submission was re-submitted. This has been adjusted and users are able to delete their comment prior to submission. When the users submit their review, the deleted comment will no longer so to the submitter or reviewer.
  • Registration submission and profile changes were both affected when a user selects a state with space in the name. This has been corrected and registration submissions and profile changes will no longer return an error message.
  • Project Staff or Admin accounts who had an account created but had not set their account up, were being included in the end -of-year rejection email. This has been corrected and only the non-disabled and active Project Admin/Staff accounts will receive the email.
  • An email registration link is sent out when producers, project Admin/Staff, and ESMC Admin/Staff are created. This link will allow the users to finish creating their account and set their password. It was found that these links could still allow a user to change another users’ password if they found the link and registration token. There was an adjustment to make these invite links invalid once the account becomes activated. The invite will continue to have the two-week expiration window that can be reset by an admin resending an invite.
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