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Release Notes, January 7, 2022


This release includes the final module of the mrv2 application. Users will see the Final Review and Submission module appear once the Crops and Producer Agreement modules are completed. The review will be over the data that was entered into the ­­Crops module. Inputted values larger than a soft limit but lower than a hard limit, are flagged for review. Producers and or their delegate(s) can provide text for each of the warnings that are found on the fields. When the reviewer looks at the submission, they will see the same flags as well as notes, when provided. While producers can go back to the Crops module and make changes, reviewers do not change data after the end-of-year review is submitted. Reviewers have an option to approve or reject the submission. When the submission is rejected, reviewers will be required to provide text on the reason of rejection. This text is included in an email that is sent to the producer, any producer delegate(s), and the project’s admin/staff. Producers can resubmit as many times as needed and can reply in email back to the project/admin when the issue becomes more involved. When the submission is approved, producers and their delegate(s) are sent an email with notification of approval. The crops and the review module will continue to be locked at this point. Admin/Staff accounts can unlock the Crops ­module for producers, but this will require a producer/delegate re-submission of the Final Review and Submission module.

Added Features

  • The final module, Final Review and Submission, has been added into the mrv2 application. This module will appear similar for both the producer/delegate and reviewer. The module shows a list of fields, each field’s practice change, planting history (via icons), and warnings. The warnings shown will only appear when there are possible issues that need to be reviewed. This does not prevent the producer/delegate from submitting the review with the warnings on fixed. This is due to the ­­Crops module prevent data over any hard limit so the warnings.  

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress. When the “Incomplete” button is used, the completion percentage still sees that area as not being complete.
  • The count of events, seen next to each crop module component, is not dynamic and does not follow your field/year view selection. The count is currently looking across all years for each field and is incorrect when you view the crop module via a single field/year selection.
  • The DONE button can appear selectable when you complete a record and then mark something as invalid. When you re-enter an invalid value, the input is kept to the last value and not set back to null.
  • Registration submission and profile changes are both affected when a user selects a state with space in the name.
  • The comment a producer or delegate leave for the reviewer isn’t able to be deleted when the end-of-year submission is re-submitted.

Fixed Issues

  • Inputting multiple “Other” planting and harvest events during the same growing season will no longer show an error if the user leaves space between the harvest of the first crop and planting of the second crop. Users will not receive errors when matching the date of the second planting event to the first harvest event.
  • An issue with completing the Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest and including cover crop information but not having the “Done” button appear has been fixed. Even though all the required cover crop data points were provided, the order of the data input affected the completion percentage that trigged the “Done” button to open. This has been fixed and users will be able to enter the cover crop data in any order without affecting the “Done” button.
  • A ­Crops module bug of going to a single field/year view and marking the section as “Done” before returning to “All years/All field” has been fixed. Previously, marking the lower section as being “Done” was marking the overall section as being “Done” even though there were data points left unanswered in other fields/years. The “Done” button has become dynamic and will properly show as being “Done” or not complete when toggling between views in the module.
  • Amounts provided in the Crops module were previously being validated with code. These values are now being validated based on limits set in the database. This will allow the mrv2 application to be adjusted without changing any code. Part of this adjustment increases the organic and manure application rate limits. Users will no longer see errors when attempting to input values over 1,000 for manure like fertilizers. Additionally, there are soft limits for both non-manure dry and liquid fertilizer types. This is used for flagging items during the Final Review and Submission
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