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Release Notes, June 29, 2022


This release introduces an updated feature and requirement in the Fields & Practice Changes module. New enrollments will now have to provide their planned crop before they can complete the module. Users will be able to select their crop(s) and will additionally be asked if a harvest is planned. The actual feature is only available for 2021 producers and links to the producer’s Crops module data. Another validation change in the release is for submitting a producer agreement. Users that never completed an enrollment before that year was restricted, will no longer see a message about submitting an enrollment with an uncompleted earlier enrollment.

The MRV’s registration and profile management ability has been improved with supporting of Canadian profiles. Users wishing to self-register will be able to submit their correct address and will see the options change once the default country selection is changed. Existing users can adjust their profile to a Canadian address as well. Users will continue to use the existing profile area for this adjustment.

Within this release, there was a couple of fixed bugs. Users will now be able to update profile data without having to provide a state value. If an existing producer’s phone is known but not their state, their profile information can be updated, and the save will be completed. The Cotton-Texas project has had its producer agreement pdf changed from the ESMC default to a project specific agreement. A full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The Fields & Practice Changes module’s “planned crop” marking will be required before the Fields & Practice Changes module can be marked as done. When the user clicks the “DONE” button and has one or more fields without a planned crop selection, a warning message will appear. In addition to the marking of the planned commodity, users will also be required to mark if their selections are planned to be harvested.
  • The ability to register as a Canadian producer has been introduced into the registration page. Users can now register with a Canadian address. Existing users can adjust their profile data to a Canadian address selection as well.
  • There has been an improvement to MRVs warning when a producer submits their enrollment. Previously, the warning showed even though the earlier enrollment year was no longer able to be submitted. The submission warning should not show if the earlier enrollment years are unable to be submitted. This enrollment constraint is from the project’s min_enrollment_year value. This project level parameter is set individually for each project.
  • The Crops module has been updated with a couple of changes. The “All fields” tab has been removed. The year markings have been removed when in a single year tab and the default year selected is the user’s current enrollment year. Note, 2021 producers are still the only producers with the ability to enter the Crops data. There are ongoing changes to support 2022 data collection. Once these changes are implemented, all producers will be able to open their enrollment’s Crops module.
  • ESMC projects have an expanded parameter option of “Research”. Currently the MRV does not have any different behavior for this project marking besides for the ability to register. Projects marked as “Research” will never show on the registration page. Producers can only be moved into or invited to “Research” projects.

Known Issues

  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission.  The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Leaving administrator seen pages and returning will not always remain on the same page with the same filter that was being applied to the page results. If an administrator or staff member views a project and selects the enrollment year to be 2021 and views a producer, they return to the project page in year 2022.
  • Uploading a csv of producers will fail if one or more of the producers already has an existing MRV account.

Fixed Issues

  • There was a bug in the MRV’s producer profile feature. If an admin attempted to update a producer’s contact info, the state value had to change. If the state was left as null, the save button did appear, but the save never completed. If the producer already had a state value and or you provided that as part of the change, the producer’s updated contact saved. Now, regardless of the state value, other profile contact information can be saved.
  • In support of the ESMC program evolvement, the usage of “Assets” within the MRV has been updated to “Credits”. The Cotton-Texas project had a tailored producer agreement uploaded and linked within the MRV for all the project’s producers.
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