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Release Notes, May 25, 2022


Within this release, there are several fixes that have been included. If Admin/Staff provide additional contact information at a producer’s account creation, this information is sent to the producer upon invite. Producers will now receive all the available contact information tied to their account when they finish their registration. The issue with uploading producer CSVs containing invalid or missing states, has been fixed. These producers will now be added, and their state will be left as null. Another fix contained in this release is one that is unseen through the UI. There was a previous issue when an existing field was edited and resaved, a duplicate anonymized project record was created. This affected the correct mapping of producers and fields when using the by-project information. This issue has been fixed and when a field is edited, the field by project value remains the same and is not duplicated. A full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • Admin/Staff are now able to change a producer’s enrollment without having to enter the producer’s account. Admin/Staff can now make this change from the admin pages by following the producer’s edit options. Currently this feature is only available when the producer has a single empty enrollment year. All other producers will show this option, but it is grayed out.
  • The MRV’s enrollment handling has been updated to expanded on recent improvements. Projects were previously able to set their minimum accepted enrollment and now, the validation has been introduced. Producers that attempt to submit their producer agreement for an enrollment that is no longer being accepted, will receive an error message.
  • The producer’s enrollment home page has been updated and redesigned. Producers will now see their MRV enrollments within a structured box. When the project has additional enrollment years open, the producer will now see those as “New” enrollments. Opening these “New” enrollments behave the same way as the previous enrollment dropdown behaved.
  • The Crops module cover crop event has been updated to include a new “Overwinter” feature. This will now allow users to create cover crop events without having to provide a termination date. Users that do not select overwinter are still required to provide a termination date.

Known Issues

  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Leaving administrator seen pages and returning will not always remain on the same page with the same filter that was being applied to the page results. If an administrator or staff member views a project and selects the enrollment year to be 2021 and views a producer, they return to the project page in year 2022.
  • Uploading a csv of producers will fail if one or more of the producers already has an existing MRV account.

Fixed Issues

  • Using the csv option and uploading producers with invalid states, will no longer fail. Invalid states are treated as empty responses and the upload process will skip the producer’s state input. Additionally, the csv option was fixed for the issue of setting the enrollment year for the batch of producers being uploaded. This was previously marking the producers as 2022 enrollees, even if the admin/staff choose another enrollment option.
  • The bug when adding producers either by single additions or via the csv option to an empty project, has been fixed. When the project has zero existing producers and the “Accepting Registration” is turned on, the project will no longer show a warning about not accepting registrations. Additionally, it was found that the csv upload would never complete, which has been fixed as well.
  • With producers able to have additional optional data provided at the time of creation, there was a bug for the producer’s invitation. Regardless of what the Admin/Staff provided, the fields outside of first name, last name, and email would show as being null. This has been fixed and invited producers will see all the available information that the Admin/Staff was able to provide for their account. The producer will continue to be unable to make changes to their email address.
  • A database bug has been fixed for a field’s anonymized by project name. There was previously a bug that created additional records when an existing field was edited and saved. This is no longer happening, and fields remain with a single record/value when an additional field boundary edit is done.
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