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Release Notes, May 12, 2022


This release introduces the beginning stages of standardizing the workflow for validating and approving fields. Producers’ fields will now be checked against other MRV fields to insure there are no overlaps. These overlaps will be resolved before the fields are able to be stratified and sampled. The current results of this check are being shown in the Final Review and Submission module but will be pulled out and placed in a future planned verification and approval page.

The map features and verification abilities of MRV have been enhanced with the addition of the Canadian Annual Crop Inventory (ACI) layer. The current ACI dataset is currently only available for the 2021 year. Users can turn this feature on via the same route the CDL data is in. Based on the user’s current location being displayed, the layering uses the correct data set.

Another update contained in the release is the ability to manage a project’s enrollment options. Admins can now update a project’s open enrollment to enable producers to see an additional enrollment year option. This allows project to be set independently from other projects. There has also been an update to how producers are created. Now, users can provide additional optional information at the time of account creation. Admin/Staff are also able to edit an existing producer’s contact to help provide the correct information to the soil samplers.

The producer’s registration page has been updated to only show the practice change options of “No change” and “Changing this year ”. The option for “Changed within the last 2 years” has been removed. Another bug fixed in this release is the producer’s last_year value for the project. This has been fixed to now update dynamically when the producer’s initial enrollment is moved. All MRV users will also notice an updated field naming behavior. Previously, renaming a field would not automatically reorder it. This has been corrected and now, fields are reordered when renamed. A full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • Validation has been introduced for checking a producer’s fields against other MRV fields. The producer is allowed to submit their fields and is unaware of any overlaps. Before the fields are approved and sampling is done, a review will check and resolve any overlap before the fields can be sent onto the stratification stage.
  • The map features in MRV have been enhanced to include the Canadian equivalent to the Crop Data Layer (CDL). Users with fields in Canada will now be able to view the Annual Crop Inventory (ACI) when turning on the CDL layering. This data set is currently only available for the 2021 year. The CDL data continues to be available back to 2016.
  • Users that add producers via uploading a csv file will now see the file that is being uploaded. This was previously not showing the file, which could cause mistakes when uploading to multiple projects.
  • Project enrollment settings can now be handled through the MRV’s user interface. Projects can now limit or open registration for their producers by adjusting the project’s settings.
  • Admin and staff can now update a producer’s contact information. The producer’s additional contact data points have also been included in the producer creation stage. These are optional data inputs, and the name & email would still be the required data for a producer account to be created.

Known Issues

  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Leaving administrator seen pages and returning will not always remain on the same page with the same filter that was being applied to the page results. If an administrator or staff member views a project and selects the enrollment year to be 2021 and views a producer, they return to the project page in year 2022.
  • Uploading producer csv with invalid states will fail. Additionally, if the project is marked with the registration turned off, the upload does not fully complete. Admin/Staff are still able to bypass this validation by adding single producers.

Fixed Issues

  • The MRV’s registration process has been updated to have the practice change option of “Changed within the last 2 years” removed. Users, who are declaring their practices at registration will now choose from “No Change” or “Changing this year”.
  • The producer’s last_year value will now update correctly when the producer’s initial enrollment year is moved. This was previously staying the same value, even when the producer was moved up in enrollment years.
  • Field names are now dynamically reordered once a name is changed. Previously, fields renamed would not show a different ordering until the user left the Fields and Practice Changes module and came back. Now, the fields are reordered at the time of renaming.
  • The add/cancel button seen when adding a field, has been center aligned on the map.
  • Search result behaviors have been updated to fix a bug when searching and your page result is not one. Searching while not on the table’s page 1 was previously not returning results. Now, users can search the set of overall table results, regardless of what page they are on.
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