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Release Notes, March 16, 2022


This release adds more context to data entry items, such as field practice changes and cover cropping. Users will now see a dynamic header in the Fields and Practice Changes module practice change dropdown selection list. The header will explain the date range for when the practice change(s) should be selected. For 2021 users still inputting data into the Crops module, users will see a warning when adding a cover crop event. The warning will point users to using the planting/harvest events when the cover crop is going to be harvested as a commodity. A new feature that has been added into this release is a filter for users to use while in the Fields and Practice Changes module. The filter will allow users to quickly sort and apply practice changes for the completion of the Fields and Practice Changes module. Another change to the Crops module is the extension of the growing season. Users will now be able to input data going back to September 1st of the previous year instead of the previous October 1st limit.

Added Features

  • Users applying field practice changes will now see a header at the top of the practice list. The header will enable users to know what date range is covered and what practices should be applied based on that date range. The date range is dynamic and will adjust when a different enrollment year is chosen.
  • The Crops module’s Cover Crop event includes a warning for cover crop harvesting. Users will be pointed to using the module’s Planting & Harvest events when the cover crop is being harvested as a commodity.
  • The Crops module has been updated with an extended growing season. Users will now be able to input data from September 1st of the previous year to December 31st of the current year. This has been done to allow users to input their fertilizer and cover crop activities that were occurring before the previous limit of October 1st.
  • The Fields and Practice Changes module had a filter feature added. Users in this module will now be able to filter their fields based on the practice change(s) that were marked. Users can filter out the fields without any practice changes and apply their desired practice change instead of multiselecting through scrolling the list of fields. This will enable users to quickly be able to apply practice changes to their remaining fields when their list of overall fields is large.

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress. When the “Incomplete” button is used, the completion percentage still sees that area as not being complete. This issue will only be for the 2021 users that can navigate past the Producer Enrollment module and have not already completed their Crops module.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • Advisor/Delegate roles will see their landing page with the list of their producers they advise. Upon initial login, the producers will show their summary data (field count, acres, and progress) as blank. Once the user views a producer and returns to their landing page, the producer summary data will populate.

Fixed Issues

  • The Producer Agreement module has been updated to include new producer agreement version for the pilot projects using the default agreement. Project specific agreements have been updated for Benson Hill, John Deere, Missouri Partnership Pilot, Syngenta-Nutrien, TNC Minnesota, and TNC Nebraska.
  • The Crops module’s Cover crop event has been updated with showing the required data points with the red text. Users creating a Cover crop event will see the question on aerial seeding practices as red until they provide an answer.
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