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Release Notes, March 28th, 2022


This release features multiple improvements to the Administrator/Staff experience. Additional features have such as filtering have been added to all administrative pages. Both ESMC and Project Administrator/Staff can utilize the filtering, which is based on the selected page. ESMC Administrator/Staff accounts will see an additional administrative page. These users will now see an “Advisor/Delegate” page that allows them to see and manage the account status of these users. This page does not have any capability to add an Advisor/Delegate, which is still done via the producer’s own invitation process. The “Advisor/Delegate” page does not show who the Advisor/Delegate is linked to due to the farmer having control of that invitation process.

The page behavior in all administrative areas has been improved for a more intuitive experience. Users will no longer be taken back to their default landing page when doing a page refresh. Now, users will stay on the page they are attempting to refresh. The navigation behavior has also been enhanced to have the table headers become fixed as the table scrolls. Users will notice the table no longer has a scroll and instead, the page utilizes a green “back” button to return users to the overall top of the page.

Field uploading has been enhanced for .SHP files. Users that choose this type of file will see an additional option when attempting to upload field boundaries. The additional option will allow users to upload multiple field sections into a single field. Users that wish to use this capability will need to created separate files for each field containing the multiple sections. With the upload “as a single field” option marked as checked, the file will result in one field with multiple sections. This feature is currently only available with the .SHP file type.

This release contains additional fixes to known issues. The Crops module completion percentage has been improved to be dynamic based on the field/year selection. The completion percentage is based on the minimum expected response and the completion of provided responses. Due to fields having different events for each year, the number of events can vary between years. Users can still utilize the Crops module “INCOMPLETE” button, but it isn’t currently being factored into the completion percentage. Any users that utilize this feature will not see their completion percentage change to 100%. The Crops module had another update to resolve the issue of the calendar selection automatically opening. Users can now switch between selecting events and will only open the calendar when the section of the event includes the calendar area. A full list of items included in the release have been included below.

Added Features

  • Page scroll behavior has been updated for both ESMC/Project & Administrator/Staff accounts. Administrator/Staff users will now see the table’s column headers become fixed as the page scrolls. When the page scroll has passed the top of the page area, users will see a green button appear in the lower right corner of their browser. Once this button is clicked, the user will return to the top of the page they are currently on. Users will no longer see both the table and the application page as having separate scroll bars.
  • All pages seen by Administrator/Staff accounts now have a filter function. Depending on the page selected, the filter will be based on asset scope, role, or enrollment status. The individual project pages and producer page continue to have an additional enrollment “Year” filter.
  • ESMC Administrator/Staff accounts will see another page/tab option when logging into the MRv2. These roles will now see an “Advisor/Delegate” tab. This will allow ESMC Administrator/Staff accounts better management options. Advisors/Delegates are now able to be searched and disabled. While the ESMC Administrator/Staff sees the user, role, and status, they are still unable to see the producer(s) the Delegate/Advisor is linked to.
  • The upload feature has been updated for the .SHP file types. Users selecting a .SHP file will see an additional checkbox when uploading fields. This checkbox will change the behavior of the upload. When the user has the option checked, the file will upload as a single field with multiple sections. Fields that were previously needing to be merged can now be imported separately and the merge of field boundaries is handled during the upload process. If the user does not split out the fields where they want a difference in behavior, the upload will consolidate all boundaries into a single field. There is not a way to select what fields within the file should have a different behavior so distinct files will need to be used.

Known Issues

  • Users navigating the 2021 Crops module will notice extended loading times and their “Year” tabs will not always load at the same time as their list of “Fields”
  • Users with an Advisor/Delegate type account will notice a delay between login and when their landing page will fully load. These users will see their advising role initially blank before their list of producers will load.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.
  • The Crops module had an adjustment made to the completion percentage calculation. While this improves the calculation, it is based on the minimum response able to be given and the existing data. This adjustment does not factor in the use of “Incomplete” yet. When the user utilizes the option of “Incomplete”, the progress percentage will not change to completed.

Fixed Issues

  • Completion percentage in the Crops module has been improved to dynamically calculate based on the selection of Fields/Years. It is important to note that due to each enrollment year and or field having a variable set of events, the completion rate is not evenly distributed between years and fields. The use of “Incomplete” is still not being fully factored into the completion percentage. The current completion is based on the existing data compared to the total of expected responses. Each field/year would also have a minimum set of expected responses as well.
  • Advisor/Delegate roles will now have their landing page populate with their linked producers and correct summary information. The Advisor/Delegate will always see the most recent enrollment information when there is a presence of more than one enrollment year. There is a known issue of the loading of the page itself taking an extended amount of time. Advisors/Delegates logging into MRv2 will need to let the page load before they can navigate to a producer’s account.
  • While further improvement is implemented, Administrator/Staff accounts using the “VIEW/Edit” option on producers will see a changed breadcrumb navigation. The breadcrumb has been changed to have the arrow point backwards. This change in arrow direction is to help provide the user a more intuitive return navigation.
  • Previously certain events in the Crops module would open the calendar selection when the event was selected. This has been fixed and users can select the event without the calendar selection automatically expanding. If the user makes the event selection by clicking on the calendar itself, the selection will change with the calendar opening automatically.
  • The page behavior has been adjusted in the Administrator/Staff pages to load the pages full top section when an action is taken on a previous page. Previously, clicking on a project would load the project but the page’s top section was partially cut off. Now, the page will load without any area being cut off.
  • The Administrator/Staff page improvement also includes a change to the way the page refresh works. Administrative users will no longer be taken to their default landing page and a page refresh will keep the Administrator/Staff on the same page they are refreshing.
  • The Producer Agreement module has been updated. The two buttons taking you back to your selection of fields and practices has been consolidated into one button. Users that have already submitted their Producer Agreement will see the button as a “View” while users that have not submitted, will see the button as “Edit”. The button will continue to take you back to your enrollment’s Fields and Practice Changes
  • Excess Administrator/Staff white space has been removed by moving all page actions to a single line instead of two lines.
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