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Release Notes, March 9, 2022


This release mainly contains bug fixes for recently reported issues as well older issues that were marked for future improvement. All users will notice an additional option in their upper right-hand corner’s profile selection. The ESMC’s Terms & Conditions has become a viewable selection for all users of the mrv2 application. The Terms & Agreement has also been placed in the MRV’s knowledgebase. The release featured two major bug fixes to correct issues caused by the multi-year enrollment change. The first major fix was for Advisors/Delegates that had their Producers disappear from their landing page. The Delegate/Advisor will now see those linked Producers returned to their account. The Producers will show to the Advisor/Delegate regardless of the Producer’s enrollment year(s). The other major fix contained in this release is resolving the issue of fields disappearing from the 2021 Crops module. Users will now see those fields without any practice change(s) marked, return to the Crops module along with any existing data. The Crops module will continue to exclude fields marked with the practice change of “No Change” and this is the same for the Producer Agreement module. In addition to these main bug fixes, the release contains multiple other smaller fixes as noted below.

Added Features

  • The mrv2’s Terms & Conditions has been added into the application. This was previously only viewable while in the create account stage. All users with a valid mrv2 account will be able to view the Terms & Conditions by going to the upper right-hand corner and selecting that option from the drop down. Users that do not have a valid mrv2 account and do not wish to register, have another way to view this information. All users, including external users, can view the Terms and Conditions via the ESMC knowledgebase’s Getting Started
  • The SLM Partners project had a project specific producer agreement added into the mrv2 application. Producers that are tied to the SLM Partners project will now see this tailored producer agreement pdf instead of the generic ESMC 2021/2022 producer agreement.

Known Issues

  • Completion percentage in the crop module is not correct and is currently a work in progress. When the “Incomplete” button is used, the completion percentage still sees that area as not being complete. This issue will only be for the 2021 users that can navigate past the Producer Enrollment module and have not already completed their Crops module.
  • Admin pages will need to have aggregated data adjusted to either be a sum of years or default to a single year when the page does not have an enrollment toggle option.

Fixed Issues

  • The issue with a selected field’s color remaining the same as unselected fields has been resolved. Fields being selected in the Fields and Practice Changes module will move the map to their location. The field’s boundary will have a yellow perimeter showing the current field selection.
  • The Final Review and Submission has been adjusted to improve the loading time on the module’s validation. The loading validation was previously causing the application to time out and the module would remain blank without an error message. The Final Review and Submission module will only be visible to those users with 2021 enrollment records. Users with an enrollment year of 2022 will not see this module or the Crops
  • The Crops module bug showing the date range of 2021-2025 next to the completion percentage has been fixed and no longer shows up. When the user chooses the year selection option of “All Years”, there is only a completion percentage shown. This is now the same page layout as when the user chooses a singular year selection.
  • The generic project icon has been removed from project pages. This icon was previously removed from the view of ESMC Admin/Staff accounts and now expands to include the roles of Project Admin/Staff.
  • Advisors/Delegates are now able to view the Producer accounts to which they are linked. The introduction of multiple enrollment years in the mrv2 application prevented the Advisor/Delegate from having their Producer list loaded correctly. This has been resolved and Advisor/Delegates will continue to be linked by accounts and not by the Producer’s enrollment year(s).
  • The issue with fields disappearing from the 2021 enrollment Crops module has been resolved. The change to the handling of the “No Change” field practice change caused fields without any practice changes to be excluded from the Crops Users will now see those fields and any existing data for them, return to the Crops module.
  • The email subject and content has been updated for the Producer and Advisor/Delegate invite. The invited producer will now see an email with correct subject to avoid confusion on the email verification registration step. The content of the Advisor/Delegate invite have been updated to match the various scenarios the email recipient might have.
  • The Advisor/Delegate invitation process has been updated to avoid role conflict issues. Users are no longer able to invite an existing Admin/Staff account to become an Advisor/Delegate. Producers are only allow to invite other Farmers, Existing Delegates/Advisors, or new users to become their own Advisor/Delegate.
  • Adding fields via the “Draw boundaries” option has been updated to no longer show the button for the collapsed navigation bar. This was previously allowing a user to be in both a selection and an upload view at the same time. Users that choose the “Draw boundaries” option will only be allowed to draw their field boundaries via selection or self-drawing. Users will have to leave the “Draw Boundaries” functionality to return to the option for uploading field boundaries.
  • The map button of “Finished Adding Fields” has become more center-aligned. Users will see this while in a map’s edit/add mode. Users will also notice the map function buttons have become more pronounced with a semi-transparent area placed behind the buttons.
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