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Release Notes, November 11, 2021


This release features further enhancements to the crop module’s Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest component. The major features that were added into this component are:

  • The introduction of a biomass removal event
  • The introduction of a cover crop event
  • The introduction of a cutting & baling type of harvest event

The added features and functionality will allow producers to begin entering their crop data. Producers that practice cover cropping, will now be able to input data along with producers that only have cutting & baling type activates. There will be another update that includes any needed fixes, added validation, and will include the ability to enter cropland grazing data. 

Added Features

  • A biomass removal event has been added as a required response for each field and year. If the producer did not perform any biomass removal event, then the answer of “Didn’t Do” will complete the event record and no other data points are needed. If the event is confirmed, the date and percentage of biomass removed is required.
  • A cover crop event has been added as a required response for each field/year. If the producer did not practice and cover cropping, then the answer of “Didn’t Do” will complete the event record and no other data points are needed. If the event is confirmed, the mixture type and planting date is required. Additionally, the cover crop mixture must add up to 100 otherwise the mixture is not allowed to be saved.  
  • The tillage event has been updated and the “Other” tillage option now allows you to provide text in case of the dropdown selection list not containing the needed option.
  • The planting event has been updated and producers now have the option to mark a planting event as a failure. Checking the failure checkbox will require the producer to provide a failure date in addition to the planting date, which is already required. 
  • The harvest event has been updated and producers now had the option to mark the harvest event as a normal harvest or a cutting & baling type. Selecting the cutting & baling option will cause the yield to no longer be required and it will no longer be displayed. Instead, producers will see two additional requirements in place of yield. Producers will be required to provide the remaining height value and the percentage of biomass removed during that cutting or baling.
  • Additional validation has been introduced to handle the biomass removal and cover crop event.  
  • Both the harvest and planting events have been updated when the “Didn’t Do” selection is chosen. Both events will now require a selectable reason when the event was marked as not being done.

Known Issues

  • The crop module will not show the correct completion percentage depending on the view of field/field combination. This completion percentage will continue to be updated as additional components of the crop module are introduced.   
  • Validation is present in the crop module but limited in scope. As future versions are released, there will be additional validation added in. The current validation continues to include row validation for each event and overall validation once the done button is selected. Currently the planting failure date being allowed prior to planting date and duplicate events are known issues for row validation. The section validation is currently limited to allow data to be entered and there are known issues like allowing cover cropping to take place after a planting event.
  • The date selection is a known issue. Users are not able to enter date by numerical input and are forced to use a calendar selection. This can only be open by clicking on the icon instead of the MM/DD/YYYY text. The selection of the date can have issues saving properly when selected. A temporary workaround for this issue is to select the day plus or minus one and then reselecting the desired date. Additionally, toggling between the field’s crop years and then reattempting your date selection will resolve the issue at times.  
  • Saving items can sometimes not save or there is a delay in the save action. Users should note that moving away from the selection will save that data point. Otherwise, the users will need to hit the enter to save the data point. If the done button is still unavailable, toggle between the field years and this will refresh the data and show where any requirements might not have saved.   
  • Ordering of the event groups is based on first column. This would be the tillage selection or crop type and can seem like the data is get switched when instead, it is being reordered.  
  • Biomass’ percentage removal shows properly when the data is in edit mode. When the section is marked as done, the percentage unit of measurement incorrectly shows as inches.
  • The copy & pasted no longer brings over the date or tillage but the yield amount is still being pasted.    

Fixed Issues

  • The “No-till” tillage type selection has been updated. When producers select this tillage option the date and depth are no longer displayed or required.
  • The copy & paste feature has been updated and the date from the copied section is no longer pasted into the new section. Additionality, if the planting event was marked as a planting failure, then the failure date and not brought and the record is unmarked as a failure when pasted.  
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