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Release Notes, November 2, 2022


This release includes multiple fixes and a couple of new MRV features. One of the changes included in this release will allow producers to utilize a “Foliar” selection for their fertilizer event’s application method. If the producer’s application method does not fit into any of the current MRV options, they can utilize the “other” option and will be requested to give additional information. Another change included in this release will allow producers to mark their cover crop as being harvested. Producers that are harvesting their cover crop will be requested to input their data through the MRV’s planting and harvest events. The planting event will now include an optional “Harvested cover crop” check-box. This check-box should be marked if the cover crop was harvested. If the cover crop was not harvested, producers will continue to input that data through the MRV’s separate cover crop event.

Multiple fixes have been included in this release. A couple of the included fixes were for the MRV’s fertilizer event. The issue affecting the unit of measurement and incorrect drop-downs when multiple fertilizer events are part of a season has been fixed. When there are multiple fertilizer events, the drop-downs will stay connected to each individual fertilizer event instead of using the same drop-down. Users will also no longer see two units of measurement when a fertilizer has already been selected. Another included fix will resolve the issue for users with a planting failure and no other subsequent planting during that season. Users in this situation can now mark their planting event with a planting failure check and then choose the planting failure option when saying there was not a harvest event. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • The Crops module has been updated to include an additional fertilizer application method. Users will now be able to select “Foliar” as an application method.
  • The MRV has been updated to allow users to mark a cover crop as being harvested. Users that choose to harvest their cover crop will be asked to enter that data within their planting and harvest events. The cover crop event should only be used if the cover crop was not harvested. When inputting the data with the planting/harvest events, the producer will mark the planting event as a “Harvested cover crop”. This will allow the MRV to see the planting and harvest events tied to that crop, as the producer’s cover crop.

Known Issues

  • The aggregation on a project’s acreage and field count is incorrect once the project has multiple pages for the producer list.
  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission module. The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • The Crops module fertilizer event has been updated to fix the bug when multiple fertilizers are present within a season. Previously, this would create issues with incorrect drop-down menus and unit of measurements. Users will now see a single unit of measurement when a fertilizer selection is made. The drop-down menus will dynamically show based on the overall fertilizer type selection.
  • The Crops module was updated to fix the bug allowing conflicting events. Users will no longer be able to add an additional planting/harvest event if they have already marked either event with the “I didn’t do” option. Users will need to undo their “I didn’t do” selection in-order to have the ability to add any planting/harvest events.
  • The bug affecting the fertilizer rate value has been fixed. The rate for one fertilizer will no longer update another fertilizer rate if the user jumps between fertilizer events. When the rate was selected in one fertilizer event and the user selected another fertilizer’s rate, the rate for both events were previously updating to be the same. This has been fixed and the rates will remain distinct.
  • The grazing event’s grazing end date bug was fixed in the Crops module. When users mark their “Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest” as completed, they will now see their grazing end date.
  • The MRV’s acreage validation was updated to become more dynamic instead of being hard-coded. The MRV now contains a min/max value that will be used for the current acreage validation. This will allow adjustments to be made more easily as the ESMC program grows. Producers with fields outside the range will still be able to continue submitting their Fields and Practice Changes module.
  • The bug preventing users from completing a Crops module section with a planting failure has been fixed. Users will now be able to mark their single planting event as a planting failure and have the harvest event marked as a crop failure. This combination of planting and no harvest events will no longer create a pop-up message preventing the section from being marked as done.
  • Additional planting and harvest events are no longer able to be added once the event(s) have been marked with the “I didn’t do” option. If the user did not already mark those events with the “I didn’t do” option then the both events will allow additional records to be created.
  • The toast message for the farmer’s delegate invitation has been updated to match the ESMC’s desired work-flow. 
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