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Release Notes, October 11, 2021


This release features multiple new features and adjustments to existing features. Starting with this release, delegate marked accounts are now able to submit fields on the producer’s behalf. A producer will receive an email notification when the delegate signs the producer agreement and submits the fields. The ability to save on Protected Areas Database (PADUS) locations has been reintroduced along with the warnings that were previously being used. This allows producers to select, draw, or upload boundaries that might overlap slightly with PADUS areas. These will become flagged for further review once a producer confirms and submits their fields. Another change with this release is handling the approval/rejection process for self-registered producers entirely within the app, which still will include email notifications being sent to Project Admin/Staff. 

Added Features

  • Accounts marked as delegates for producers are now able to sign the producer agreement and submit the fields. When a delegate signs and submits, an email will be sent out to notify the producer of the delegate’s actions. 
  • Project Staff and Admin will now receive an email when they have been assigned to a project for the first time. Project Admin/Staff will also receive an email when their project assignment is changed.
  • ESMC Admin can now fully edit a project and all its data points instead of just the name and associated assets.
  • Producers that utilize the registration page and create an account will generate an email to the Project Admin Staff or the ESMC Admin/Staff when the project does not have any Project Admin/Staff. The email will not ask the Admin/Staff to log into their account and are taken to that project’s list of producers. The Admin/Staff will utilize the approval/reject button within the application to approve the account instead of through the previous email process.
  • Producers invited by Admin/Staff accounts will no longer be sent a link that only asks them to set a password. Invited users will now be taken though a tailored registration process and will be required to complete all the current registration validation.
  • A field’s practice change(s) are now being captured when the producer/delegate submit their producer agreements.
  • ESMC Admin/Staff are now given an additional tab for viewing and searching the overall list of producers instead of through clicking on each project’s list of producers.
  • The ability to upload or draw/select areas that overlap a PADUS area has been re-introduced along with the warning/confirm messages.

Known Issues

  • While projects are no longer showing on the registration page, ESMC Admin/Staff will still see it in the list of projects. Full project archive functionality has not been implemented yet.
  • Fields with PADUS are now able to be saved and a producer can mark them as done and submit them. These will need to be flagged on the Admin/Staff side for further boundary review.

Fixed Issues

  • Admin/Staff have now had their abilities restricted for producers who have signed and submitted their fields. Admin/Staff will now only be able to edit a producer’s fields.
  • Projects marked with is_accepting_registration set to false will no longer appear in the list of projects that users can register to.
  • Fields selected and then removed by canceling the selection will reappear in the blue CLU shading and allow to be re-selected without having to pan the map.
  • ESMC Staff are no longer able to see or utilize the “ADD ADMIN” button when viewing the individual projects’ list of Admin/Staff.
  • Fields made up of multiple separate shapes will no longer have a section reappear when in edit mode and deleting a section prior to adding in more sections. 
  • Non producer accounts will no longer have Farmer or Farmer project records.
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