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Release Notes, September 29, 2021


This release features the deployment of the Cropland Data Layer (CDL) map overlay feature. Users will now have an additional map function that allows you to overlay CDL data while you draw a field boundary or while viewing existing field boundaries. Users utilizing the CDL overlay are shown a dropdown that will let you toggle between available CDL years.   

Added Features

  • The ability to view CDL data has been added to the map. This feature is available when viewing a map area. There is now an additional icon (two overlaid squares) at the top of the map selection/drawing list. This will overlay the CDL information onto the map. When this mode is turned on, an additional dropdown will appear on the map. The dropdown will allow you toggle the CDL overlay for a particular year.

Known Issues

  • CDL dataset currently only has the data for the 2020, 2019, and 2018 years. The 2017 and 2016 years are currently in the process of being added into the overall CDL dataset.
  • A field’s boarder appears the same while the CDL overlay is applied. Due to the CDL covering the map, a field’s boarder can become harder to see. 

Fixed Issues

  • Users will not longer see different email verification message when setting up their account. All users will receive the same message when they have been asked to verify their email account regardless of the way the account was created (Invitation or self-registration).
  • The CLU boundaries overlap has been adjusted and you will no longer see the CLU shapes in a radius centered on the map. Users will now have the CLU boundaries fill to the map size. The CLU boundaries, along with all other map drawing functions, continue to be hidden when you zoom out above 500m.
  • Users are no longer able to bypass the field validation dialog that pops up when the producer or Admin/Staff click the “DONE” button within the Fields and Practice Changes module.
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