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Release Notes, October 23, 2021


This release features expanded producer management for ESMC Admin/Staff accounts. The ESMC Admin/Staff roles are now able to move producers between projects. The Admin/Staff will receive a warning prompt if the producer has existing data and will be asked if the data should be kept or deleted with the move between projects. If a producer has already submitted their producer agreement, then the Admin/Staff is unable to delete the data and the account will be moved with the existing data. This release also features an update to the Protected Areas. Some areas that are included in the dataset have been unmarked for being restricted due to allowing agricultural practices to take place on them. This will allow producers to draw their fields without receiving a protected area overlap warning. These areas have also been removed from the map feature’s Protected Area overlay. 

Added Features

  •  ESMC Admin/Staff now can move producers between projects. The Admin/Staff is notified if the account being moved has any data and are given different options depending on the producer’s status. If the producer has already submitted the producer agreement, then Admin/Staff are only able to move and keep the existing data. If the existing data was attached to a producer account that did not yet sign the agreement, Admin/Staff are able to move the account with or without the data.
  • The ESMC portal now has a help button that is accessible to all users, regardless of their role. This help button is found in the upper right profile icon and will provide the support email. 

Known Issues

  • The ability to move producers becomes restricted when the Admin/Staff view the producer and return to the list of producers. When the Admin/Staff returns to the list of producers and re-attempts to move a producer, they will see an empty list of available projects. Project Admin/Staff can see this option but will see a blank list of projects since their scope is limited to a particular project.
  • Admin/Staff will see filtered list of projects when they attempt to move a producer account. Currently the list of projects seen as able to be moved to, excludes other projects marked with the demo, accepting registration, and active attribute. 

Fixed Issues

  • The protected area data set has been updated to remove some areas that would allow farming to take place. This change will prevent producers from receiving a protected overlap message as and these areas will no longer be seen when the protected area is overlaid onto the map.
  • The phone number that was present on the help button and within the contact section of all outgoing emails from the application has been removed. Users will now only see the email address.
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