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Release Notes, September 14, 2022


This release includes updates to the validation done during the Fields and Practice Changes module. Users will now have additional checks done when they mark the module as “Done” and initiate the process of submitting their fields. The producer’s contact will now be checked to make sure all the needed information is present before the field(s) is/are sent onto the soil sampling stage. The producer’s fields will include additional checks outside of the planned crop and practice change marking that was previously in place. Producers with overlap issues will now be able to see where their fields need edits. The previous MRV release included the map overlays that can be toggled on for assisting the user fixing the issue. The MRV’s Crops module had additional updates done to the fertilizer event. The support of fertilizer additives has now been introduced.

Other changes included in this release fix a couple of known issues. The previous issue of not being able to disable/enable administrative/staff accounts through the MRV’s user interface has been fixed. Another fix included in this release will resolve the issue affecting tillage events. Users will now be able to mark their Crops module’s “Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest” section as being done regardless of the tillage implement chosen. The tillage event was previously not being seen as being completed and prevented the “Done” button from being click-able. The full list of release notes has been included below.

Added Features

  • Additional validation checks have been added into the Fields and Practice Changes module. The producer will now have their contact information, individual field acreage, protocol regions, roadway overlaps, railway overlaps, water-body overlaps, practice change rules, and planned crop checked when marking their Fields and Practice Changes module as completed.
  • The Crops module fertilizer event has been updated to support fertilizer additives. Producers will no longer be asked for their N-P-K values unless they choose a custom option. For both organic and non-organic custom fertilizers, users will have to provide additional information. The custom option will now ask for the carbon to nitrogen ratio, percentage of organic nitrogen, percentage of ammonium, percentage of nitrate, percentage of urea, percentage of ammonia, and the N-P-K value.
  • Viewing/Editing producers has been updated. When viewing a MRV producer, the user was previously shown the producer’s account with a link back to the administrative pages. Users will now open separate browser tabs to view separate producers.
  • The Crops module had the pesticide and herbicide events updated. The producer will now be requested to provide a response on aerial applications for all fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and other regulator/fumigant events.

Known Issues

  • The MRVs administrative pages will force a page refresh when viewing a producer account. This will change the location the user sees when they return to their administrative page. Another known issue is the administrative pages become blank when opening multiple producers without reloading the MRV. A browser page refresh will resolve this issue.  
  • The aggregation on a project’s acreage and field count is incorrect once the project has multiple pages for the producer list.
  • The validation that is being done for producer fields overlapping against others is currently being placed in the Final Review and Submission module. The boundary overlap and other related field boundary validation/verification will be moved from the current module to a future planned page.
  • Uploading a csv of producers will fail if one or more of the producers already has an existing MRV account.
  • Producers that have self-registered on the registration page will show a status of N/A on the MRV’s admin pages. Once the producer’s enrollment request is approved or denied, the producer’s status will be updated.

Fixed Issues

  • The MRV’s administrative pages were updated to fix a display issue. The disable/enable option has been moved into an overflow button. All of the administrative pages showing user accounts now have a standardized overflow option to utilize this display change. This is now in the same location as other account options such as moving projects or editing contact information.
  • The ability to disable and/or enable an ESMC and/or Project administrator/staff account has been restored in the MRV’s interface.
  • The bug affecting the tillage event from being complete has been resolved. The Tillage, Cover Crops, Planting, and Harvest section can now be marked as “Done” regardless of the tillage implement used.
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